Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Consider Social Media Tips Free Printables clean up for your accounts.

There are lots of blogs about decluttering your digital life. They all have really good tips. Rework your profile, delete older, out dated photos and posts that don’t apply to you anymore. But I am approaching this from a different point of view. I suggest using my Free Printables to clean up your Social Media accounts.

Do you know exactly how many blogs and Facebook pages you are actually following? Have you signed up for so many that you can’t keep track of them anymore? And are they still clogging up your email account?

Social Media Tips Clean Up Accounts

I can’t even guess how many I have. Yes, it’s easy to just unsubscribe to the emails you don’t want to receive anymore. You just signed up to get the freebies, right? But what if you are still interested in a lot of them. They are still giving you valuable information. However, you just don’t have the time to read it all.

First, the email problem is easy. You probably already know about this but when I have blog emails that I still like, I make a “file folder” for each one so I can go back and read it later. Not saying I always do! But I can! You can make a file (or a label) on your email account. They show up down the left side of the page. You can also access them from your mobile phone. I use Gmail and on the top of the page there is a tab that says “Move”. On the very bottom it will say “create new label”.  So go through and delete the ones you don’t want.

Clean Up The Amount of Blogs You Follow

Next, I have been jotting down the names of the blogs that come through. Crazy enough some of them have passwords to view their sites. I’m finding that I don’t know my password for half of them and it frustrates me. So I created a printable (click here to see) for me to jot down information about these blogs. I keep track of the URL, my username (because I change it a lot), my password (change that too), and also what the main focus of the site is because after awhile I forgot why I even read it. Most of the reasons I am following a blog is so I can learn about Social Media and blogging since I am relatively new. I need all the knowledge I can get.

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Reduce The Number of Facebook Groups and Pages

How about Facebook pages and groups? How many of those are you in? I was trying to find one the other day and when I looked at my complete list I was surprised at how many I’ve joined but never look at anymore. The same strategy goes for Facebook, drop out of the ones that don’t suit you anymore. But I made a list of the ones that I do like and keep the name of the admin (do you know them all?) and if I have the notifications turned on or off. I may like a Facebook page but that doesn’t mean I want to be notified every single time they post something.

Keep Track of  Your Retail and Restaurant Rewards Programs

Now here’s something that is a little different. Do you eat out and have joined some restaurants loyalty programs? Do they accumulate points that you can redeem? How many of you can quickly find their website that gives you your points balance? Not long ago my friend and I joined a program with an upscale restaurant chain that involves three different restaurants. We thought we had enough visits to get a free meal. I could not find the website for the life of me to check! I had to go through my old emails to find something I had received from them. The website URL was nothing like the name of the restaurant. So now I’m tracking my loyalty programs too!


So I suggest that you reevaluate your social media online presence. Use my free printables to go through each category and write on the lists all the sites you have joined.  Ask yourself, do I really need all these accounts? Have my needs changed? Am I still learning from this site? Maybe you’ve advance to a higher learning level or your interests have shifted. Let my social media tips free printables clean up your accounts.

You can (click here) to sign up for them.





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