Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Consider Social Media Tips Free Printables clean up for your accounts.

There are lots of blogs about decluttering your digital life. They all have really good tips. Rework your profile, delete older, out dated photos and posts that don’t apply to you anymore. But I am approaching this from a different point of view. I suggest using my Free Printables to clean up your Social Media accounts.

Do you know exactly how many blogs and Facebook pages you are actually following? Have you signed up for so many that you can’t keep track of them anymore? And are they still clogging up your email account?

Social Media Tips Clean Up Accounts

I can’t even guess how many I have. Yes, it’s easy to just unsubscribe to the emails you don’t want to receive anymore. You just signed up to get the freebies, right? But what if you are still interested in a lot of them. They are still giving you valuable information. However, you just don’t have the time to read it all.

First, the email problem is easy. You probably already know about this but when I have blog emails that I still like, I make a “file folder” for each one so I can go back and read it later. Not saying I always do! But I can! You can make a file (or a label) on your email account. They show up down the left side of the page. You can also access them from your mobile phone. I use Gmail and on the top of the page there is a tab that says “Move”. On the very bottom it will say “create new label”.  So go through and delete the ones you don’t want.

Clean Up The Amount of Blogs You Follow

Next, I have been jotting down the names of the blogs that come through. Crazy enough some of them have passwords to view their sites. I’m finding that I don’t know my password for half of them and it frustrates me. So I created a printable (click here to see) for me to jot down information about these blogs. I keep track of the URL, my username (because I change it a lot), my password (change that too), and also what the main focus of the site is because after awhile I forgot why I even read it. Most of the reasons I am following a blog is so I can learn about Social Media and blogging since I am relatively new. I need all the knowledge I can get.

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Reduce The Number of Facebook Groups and Pages

How about Facebook pages and groups? How many of those are you in? I was trying to find one the other day and when I looked at my complete list I was surprised at how many I’ve joined but never look at anymore. The same strategy goes for Facebook, drop out of the ones that don’t suit you anymore. But I made a list of the ones that I do like and keep the name of the admin (do you know them all?) and if I have the notifications turned on or off. I may like a Facebook page but that doesn’t mean I want to be notified every single time they post something.

Keep Track of  Your Retail and Restaurant Rewards Programs

Now here’s something that is a little different. Do you eat out and have joined some restaurants loyalty programs? Do they accumulate points that you can redeem? How many of you can quickly find their website that gives you your points balance? Not long ago my friend and I joined a program with an upscale restaurant chain that involves three different restaurants. We thought we had enough visits to get a free meal. I could not find the website for the life of me to check! I had to go through my old emails to find something I had received from them. The website URL was nothing like the name of the restaurant. So now I’m tracking my loyalty programs too!


So I suggest that you reevaluate your social media online presence. Use my free printables to go through each category and write on the lists all the sites you have joined.  Ask yourself, do I really need all these accounts? Have my needs changed? Am I still learning from this site? Maybe you’ve advance to a higher learning level or your interests have shifted. Let my social media tips free printables clean up your accounts.

You can (click here) to sign up for them.



How to Blog and Reach Financial Independence

How to Blog and Reach Financial Independence

Learning Social Media

Blogging for Money

Blogging for Money was not the first thing on my mind when I started my blog. I started out with an Etsy shop in 2009 crocheting shawls with big buttons on them which were the latest craze. They were called “wraps” so as not to be confused with grandma’s shawls from way back when. In fact that’s how I decided the name of my shop and my business, Wrap Your Style.  Now if you’ve been following me at all, you already know that I knew absolutely nothing and anything. I taught myself to sew through you tube. I pretty much taught myself everything about everything with you tube. I love it! As I progressed and started making more products I wanted to sell I quickly realized that I needed to have a blog. My intentions were just to get my shop known so people would go there and buy. I had no idea what blogging for money meant. So here I am six years later and I am just now understanding what I need to do.

I began to wonder about all things blogging. How do bloggers make money from blogging? I starting searching for the answers. Since I needed an actual physical blog. I researched how to start a blog for free. Remember, I’m a senior citizen living on a fixed income so money is really tight.

I tried joining several groups trying to learn from and with others. Some were trying but I now know that they were way off track of what I wanted. So I began following bloggers that I liked. That was good but getting information sent to you almost everyday from several different people just confused me more. I was trying to put it all together in some sort of order of how to execute each plan.

Learn Blogging for Money with this ebook

This post contains affiliate links.

I finally found a great Facebook group that is just about blogging. I am learning so much! One of the biggest secrets I learned is that all the information I was collecting is good, BUT no one got down to the “meat” of blogging which is the content in your posts. Gina Luker, founder of our Facebook group just wrote this eBook entitled The Blog Post Tool Kit which gives detailed step by step direction to grow and make money with your blog explaining exactly how to structure your posts in order to get you found and attract followers. There are worksheets stating a clear plan in which to do things before you even sit down to write. There are also worksheets and checklists to guide you on what to do after your post is written.

Learn to make money blogging with this ebook.

This eBook is 68 pages that is helping me already with my posting. My page views are increasing every day. I cannot wait to continue on my Social Media journey and implement everything I am reading about. If you are a new blogger or you have been blogging but not getting results, this book is a must read.

If you would also like to read more about my Social Media Journey feel free to read some of my earlier posts like……

Getting the Hang of Instagram   or

I Can’t Get Off My Computer 

Social Media Adventure! Still Working on Photography!

social media girl

Social Media Adventure

Social Media learning continues as I opened my website today to change some pictures and realized that I had not posted in two months!!! Wow! That’s how involved I have gotten in my new social media group, The Joyful Entrepreneur, where I’m learning so much! I feel like my head is exploding sometimes!!

While I’ve been working on improving my photos on my Etsy shop, I’ve also been working on improving my Search Engine words and tags, writing better descriptions for each of my items.  I feel I’ll always be working on better photos on and off.  I look at my new ones and think they’re really good. Then I look at some other’s that look so professional, I go back and try to do them all over again. It will be a never ending battle for me.  And now its crunch time because Christmas sales have already started.

Today took me almost all day to update my photos because, besides my Etsy shop, I also have a Square online store which I use for this site plus it is my checkout for my local art shows that I do. I wanted everything to be consistent so I had to change (and link) my pictures everywhere.

before Black Leather Silver Beaded Bracelet        Leather and Silver Bead Bracelet for Women     after

Here’s a before and after. Would love to hear what you all think.  They are supposed to be more crisp, white and not tinted.

Oh – by the way!! I also made a new banner for my blog!  Did anyone notice????

What do you think?? Let me know!

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Social Media Adventure! My biggest challenge yet!

WOW! A few weeks ago I literally stumbled across a wonderful social media support group on Facebook. It’s a private Facebook group and I just happened to see something in my feed saying how this girl’s Etsy Shop views jumped up significantly and now she actually had orders!! Lots of orders! I knew that people actually made money on Etsy, but people in my group were always struggling – especially me! I tried to look into it a little bit but there is a small monthly fee and you had to join before you could see anything. I’m always trying to do what I can for free, but the fee was so reasonable, I just couldn’t resist.

I am learning so much I can’t keep up!! But everyone is very encouraging and helpful. I feel I am making a difference in my shop. Since I am a little late to the group, they advised me to just start by cleaning up my pictures and search words. I will tell you photography is hard. And search words (or tags) is an art, I swear. But for the first time in a long time I don’t feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I am actually making a difference in the look of my Etsy shop ( ) and my Facebook page ( ).

If you’re interested in improving your social media skills go on over and check out their blog at The Joyful Entrepreneur .

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