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  • Patti

    Hi there! This is Patti from Swoonful Gifts. Miriam is out of town and I can’t seem to track down a phone number or email for you so I thought I’d try this. We have a customer who was given one of your bracelets and she loves it but it is too small and none of what we have left in the shop fits. She needs a 6 3/4 or maybe even a 7. Black cord with silver beads. Is that something you could make for her?

    • Hi Patti! So sorry this is late. It went into my spam folder,not sure why.

      But yes, I can make for her. My email is wrapyourstyle@gmail.com.
      I can bring her one next week if she wants. I can also mail to her but you will have to get payment from her first.

      If she’s not sure of her size, maybe I need to meet her at the store to have her try the sizes.

      Please let me know what she wants.

      Thanks, Kathi

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