Bluebirds Have a Special Energy

Bluebirds Have a Special Energy


I’m feeling very optimistic about the new year 2016!!  Perhaps more than past years. I used to always say “this next year has to be better than last year”! But I never really believed it.

The past Christmas season has been pretty good for my new business so I’m jazzed up about that!! Then while having Christmas dinner with some friends I was presented with a book about Angels.  I took to it like a duck takes to water.  Somehow I am just fascinated with Angels.  Then for the past couple weeks I have had Bluebirds flying around my backyard every day. The last time I saw an actual BLUE bird (not Blue Jay) was 10 years ago on a golf course and I never forgot the wonderful vibrant blue color.



These are the actual Bluebirds in my tree.

So I searched the internet for info regarding this beautiful bird. Low and behold they symbolize the presence of Angels. The article actually said that the Bluebird has a special energy and are an enduring symbol of happiness. They are messengers of the Divine and fly side by side with the Angels. The Angel can take the form of a Bluebird to bring you a message to lift your spirits and give you hope. Bluebirds remind us that things will be brighter. When a Bluebird appears for you she may be bringing signs of loved ones from Heaven above, a Bluebird may be a physical incarnation of an angel sent just for you.

So happy New Year to you all!!!