Hooray! Grocery Price Comparison Part 3!

grocerywomanI finally made it to Target to check out what my friend told me about their pricing. I found ground beef at $5.49/lb. However it was on sale that day for $4.66. I think that’s what she was talking about. I also checked ground pork and pork chops. They were $4.99/lb. on sale for $4.24/lb. Their round steak and chuck steak was $5.99/lb. The meats did look like very good quality however it was not a big department. None of the departments were very big. I’m sure grocery is a convenience add on for Target. Things for shoppers to pick up while really are there shopping for items in the rest of the store. Crazy enough though, their prices were very good on the snacks. The produce was terrible. It looked really old. I wouldn’t even try that. So I guess look into the Target in your area. You might find some good deals. As I don’t buy much meat, I probably won’t go there just for groceries.

My conclusion is that I will be going to Wal-Mart first. What I don’t find there I will go to my smaller regional grocery. Not bothering with Kroger. They didn’t have enough lower priced items for me to go there.

So here’s my plan of action which I did last week. Go online (or use your newspaper, I don’t get one) to coupons.com. It doesn’t take long at all, probably 10 minutes each week. Clip the coupons you want. Now here’s the trick! DON’T USE THEM RIGHT AWAY! Most times if there is a coupon, the item will be on sale in a couple weeks. You can save them by expiration date so you can keep track of them. So wait to catch the item on sale, then use the coupon with the sale. Another tip, you can use a store coupon plus a manufacture’s coupon at the same time. If you work it right you can buy an item on sale with two coupons and pay next to nothing for it. Another tip, which happened to me last week, if there’s a vendor’s representative in the aisle stocking his items, be friendly and talk to them! They carry coupons with them to give to customers. I ran into two different reps and they gave me coupons on the spot!

My shopping trip to Wal-Mart last week using my plan saved me $36.00.  For the entire month I saved $72.33 off my grocery bill. And I am just getting started. I haven’t even concentrated on the couponing and the sale items!

So I wish you all good luck in cutting your grocery bill!! Next stops for me are the cell phone and the TV cable bills. I’ve already started on them!


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Guest Contributor Terri Barr speaks about turning 60!!!

Terri nd big drinkI recently turned 60 and it was fun! Not painful like I imagined. What is painful is trying to read small print on an Advil bottle or directions on how to prepare a pasta side dish. Is it me or is the print getting smaller? Even my non-prescription readers don’t help anymore. YES – I’M 60!!

I look through magazines and all the ads are geared toward women under forty, and articles on how to dress in your 30′s, 40′s and 50′s. What about the 60′s? Aren’t we the new 40?? I thought I read that somewhere but I couldn’t find my non-prescription readers at the time.

But women in their 60′s should look fashionable (yet age appropriate). We should feel fabulous each and every day. Of course, it would be lovely to wear mini skirts and high heels, but my legs are not mini skirt worthy and the heels would blow out my knees. And cleavage? Oh, not even a thought! I had a great rack once, but now my bra works overtime and even a spray tan can’t make them look perky.

Yes, I’m 60. But I made it to this milestone all in one piece. I have a full head of hair and thanks to L’Oreal it isn’t gray. Not too many wrinkles. I can walk without a cane. I still have control of my bladder (except when I laugh, cough . . . . sneeze. . . .).

All in all, 60 is not too bad, and it’s just a number, right? Yet I am still taken aback when someone asks me how old I am. I proudly say I’m 60, then smile and say “which is the new 40!”

So I celebrated with my friends!

Terri with cake

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Comparing Grocery Prices (part 2)

grocerywomanIn my last post I compared prices  with my small regional grocery that has 215 stores and Wal-Mart that has 11,000 stores. That was a real eye opener.

This week I went to my larger national grocery store, Kroger, that has 3,700 stores.  Surely they would be much less than my smaller grocery with all that buying power, right? Nope. Out of 50 items that I compared, Kroger was less than my other grocery and Wal-Mart only on 5 items! And not very much on each item, on average 30 – 40 cents. This is not enough to make me switch to them.  Now I just read an article on comparisons between Kroger and Wal-Mart written by Cheapisms.com and although they agree that Wal-Mart beats Kroger prices, there were other factors to consider. A lot of people that commented said that they didn’t like shopping at Wal-Mart because the stores were dirty and the employees were not nice and too few to even find for any assistance. I didn’t find that at the one in my area. It was very clean and there was always someone walking around if I had a question. The article also cited Kroger’s loyalty card benefits and sales.  My small grocery has a great fuel perks program that beats Kroger’s hands down.  And although Wal-Mart doesn’t have a big weekly sales flyer, I found plenty of items on sale in the store, along with plenty of coupons to be found online.   So I guess the upshot would be for you to check things out if you are trying to trim your budget.

Next I want to check out Target. I never even thought of them for groceries but a good friend of mine just told me that she has switched from Kroger to Target.  Especially for the meats! I’ll let you know!

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First Day of Spring! Let’s see some green!

Green Pink Crossbody hanging (3)Looking forward to spring???

Find my new fresh Crossbody at my Etsy Shop!!

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Construct a Jewelry Hanger

Construct a jewelry hanger

Arrange necklaces in an out-of-the-way place, like on the back of a door. Here, an old rake manages a mass of pretty necklaces and rosaries.

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Comparing Grocery Prices

grocerywomanI’m on a mission to lower my grocery bills. Like I said, I’m a senior living on Social Security and a small part time job in a retail store. Let’s face it, retail doesn’t pay very well. But I like it. I’ve made very good friends there and its close to my home. I used to work full time in a sales position that paid pretty decent. Nothing that made me rich or anything but I could afford “stuff” I wanted and still pay my bills comfortably. But now, not so much. So like I said, I’m on a mission to cut my expenses and groceries are going to be the first thing.

I shop at a nice regional chain grocery store. It has everything I like to have in the house. Now its just me and two cats and I’ve been spending an average of $140 per week! That’s crazy! So I started saving my receipts and I made a spreadsheet of all my items with their prices and started to analyze them. Then I took my sheet to a very large discount chain, you know the one that starts with “W”, and walked around the store writing down their prices next to my store’s prices. (FYI, I’m just doing regular price to price comparisons at this point. I’ll get into coupons and sales later.) Everyone was telling me how expensive my store is but I thought they meant maybe 30 – 50 cents per item. I wasn’t going to drive all over town for that because wouldn’t I waste that much money in gas? (Another rule, all store comparisons are within 5-7 miles from my home.) Wow, I had some big awakening! Most of my items were $1 or more lower!! I only bought about a dozen items that day, but I saved $7.96. So I will be going there again when I need more, only I can’t get everything there. Their savings is mostly on paper and boxed shelf items. Also their vendor variety is very narrow as I was comparing exact brands and sizes. They clearly are not interested in pet food or supplies. That section was way over on the opposite end of the store and it was extremely small. So I still have that problem because two cats eat and poop a lot!

I’ll be doing more shopping there and expand my comparisons as I go. I haven’t started on meat or produce either. But next I will be going to a big national grocery chain. Let’s see what happens there!

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Bad Hair Day!

Uploaded from Artistic Flair UK

Uploaded from Artistic Flair UK

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Starting to Blog

Out of bed, made it to keyboard_nI started this blog a few months ago. I sell on Etsy and my Etsy friends say you have to have a blog! It will help you get noticed. Okay. Gotta say, it’s been torture! There is a lot of instruction out there but if you don’t speak “code”, it’s all Greek to me. Thank my lucky stars for You Tube and one of my Etsy friends who is going through the same thing. The other day we decided to meet up at a place that had free Wi-Fi so we could bring our computers and hash things out between us. So picture this, two 60ish women going into this place with our big laptops. I started looking around and asked her “do you notice what I notice?” Yes, she said! Almost every table was filled with 30 something’s and they all had these little tablet things and they were all typing away and talking on their smartphones at the same time. I felt so old!!

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten through most of it. I think it looks good. FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! I WOULD LOVE SUGGESTIONS! But now I struggle with good content. Up until this time I’ve mostly been reblogging some of my favorites in the name of saving time. Sorry, if I’ve blog stalked anyone! I’ve spent so much time trying to figure every step out, when I finally look up, its 4pm and I haven’t done anything else. But I know I have to start writing my own thoughts. But what??? My life isn’t particularly exciting. I’m just a senior trying to get by. Don’t feel I’m an expert at anything. I’ve been trying to make money by making purses and selling them in my Etsy shop. Learning to sew has been another whole story!! Again, thanks to You Tube, I feel I’m becoming a respectable sewer. But not expert enough for me to blog about and, let’s face it, you know how many sewing blogs are out there? A gazillion! I do love DIY projects and have done a couple things in my own house but again, not an expert.

However what I am, like I said, is a senior trying to get by and I can discuss my experiences on that! So I’ll be sharing how I’m trying to get within a budget – first one specifically is the grocery budget!! Stay tuned!!

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A tip for using Vaseline Jelly by my Etsy colleague Aardvark Reinvigorated

I am reposting my friend’s post (with her permission, of course!) because I think it’s great!

Please visit her blog at Aardvark Reinvigorated!!! You will love it!

vaseline-450x450_tcm72-298021-300x300So, I said when I launched this blog that it wouldn’t have household tips. I lied. I tried something yesterday that actually worked and although I’m sure someone thought/created/knew about it since the dawn of time I didn’t so I am stating right here and right now that I am the thinker upper of this fabulous tip. I can you know. It’s my blog. I can say what I want. You can’t stop me.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

I must wear shoes like a two year old. I put on a pair of navy leather shoes yesterday and discovered that the toes were all scuffed, like when toddlers run their toes along the walk or kick things over and over and over. These shoes were relatively new. Damn! Now what? The black Sharpie marker that I usually use to hide a multitude of sins wouldn’t do in this case. Out of the blue a thought came crashing into this clever, brilliant mind  [happens often folks - just does - it's a gift]

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Have used this stuff forever to remove my eye makeup. [Another hint that I have hidden  within this post.] So I grabbed that half pound jar, daintily dipped a finger in and lovingly smoothed it on the toe scuffs. The miracle happened right before my eyes. Scuff disappeared. A nice shining glow wrapped my shoes. And I’m thinking that it also might be a bit of protection from the black melty salty snow tufts that are still dotting every surface in America. Be sure and do the Dainty Dip…initially I executed the Plunging Scoop resulting in a huge glistening glob of goo and had to use a towel to wipe it off my shoe.

There you have it. A helpful hint. Let’s recap:

Vaseline. A miracle Jelly of Petroleum.

What do you use it for? Seriously. I want to know.

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10 favorite home textile companies


Being a sewer, I especially like this post!

Originally posted on rhiannon's INTERIORS:

Have a chair you want to re-upholster? Have the need to make your own unique throw pillows? It seems so often we’ll find a piece of furniture that we need, and simply hate the fabric that it’s been paired with. Don’t forget how easy it is to find the fabric you do love, and make something perfect. These are 10 of my favorite residential fabric companies.

Spoon Flower

This online company Spoon Flower is known for having pictures that do in fact look just like their fabrics. They can do custom prints if you wish, but their shop is so great you may not need to go custom. They have bold colors and patterns, and are quite unique and oober trendy.


Kravet has a ridiculous amount of home textiles. You can choose something couture, something green, and all from a wide array of styles. They do have a higher…

View original 480 more words

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