Pinterest Giveaway-Win A Free Bracelet Of Your Choice

Pinterest Giveaway-Win A Free Bracelet Of Your Choice

This Pinterest Giveaway contest is now over.

CONGRATULATIONS TO DEBBIE BOYD!! YOU ARE THE WINNER. – I will send you an email to get your choice of bracelet and your mailing address.


Pinterest Giveaway-Win A Free Bracelet Of Your Choice. Enter by following these steps.Pinterest Giveaway-Win A Free Bracelet Of Your Choice.

Finally completed my new collection of stacking leather bracelets. I have been working on them for a long time and now ready to introduce them in time for the holiday season. They can be considered rocker, classic, modern styles all in one. I even have a couple that I feel would look great on men.  Of course they all have my signature magnetic clasps.

I am so excited about these new stacking bracelets that I am offering a Pinterest Giveaway Contest. The prize is your choice of any bracelet in my shop.

To enter you must 1) follow Wrap Your Style on pinterest 2) repin the promotion graphic 3) sign up for my VIP Email Club by CLICKING HERE 4) and pin 4 items from my online shop using the hashtag #wrapyourstyle.

Giveaway ends Monday, November 13th, 2017



How to DIY Your Recycled Broken Jewelry Look Amazing

How to DIY Your Recycled Broken Jewelry Look Amazing

DIY Jewelry Making Your Recycled Broken Jewelry Amazing

DIY Jewelry transformed into a beautiful bracelet will make a very special one of a kind gift for anyone on your list. It will mean even more that you made it.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you.) Direct links to the supplies and tools I used are highlighted in blue for your convenience.


My sister sends me little gifts frequently – just because. It’s fun to open them and find something you always wanted but couldn’t or didn’t think to buy for yourself. I would love to send her gifts but being on a tight budget, I can’t always buy little pretties for her. However, since I am in the business of making jewelry I can make her pieces that are more meaningful to her because I handmade them.

I also work in a boutique that gives me their broken jewelry. They are jewelry making treasures for me. Some of the stones are amazing. I have been saving one particular necklace to make matching sister bracelets for us. I used the beads from the necklace plus hanging charms from other broken pieces and put them on memory wire.

Start by collecting your treasures!

You can do the same by collecting old and broken jewelry. I’m sure there are pieces you have buried away that you love the stones but not the style anymore. Remake them! I love garage and estate sales. You can find some good DIY jewelry potential pieces among the junk. How fun it is to explore the possibilities.

Take apart broken jewelry and save all the beads        Earrings have great beads for accents         Design Boards make DIY jewelry making easy

Beading Design Board

Gather up all necklaces, bracelets and earrings you want to make new. Get trays that have little compartments. Remove all the stones. Make separate piles of stones with colors that compliment each other. Maybe you don’t have enough at the moment for a complete piece so save them in your trays and add to them as you go along.

Plan your design.

It’s good to use a bead design board. There are grooves with measurements that will help you with sizing. You can play around with your color combinations and bead sizes before committing to placement on the wire.

Memory Wire in the new oval shape                Make sure to have 1-2 inches overlap on back

Beadalon Gold Oval Memory Wire

Bracelet Sizer

I made my bracelets using memory wire. It’s the best. You can buy it in silver or gold. When the package is opened it looks like the old slinky’s. There is more than enough to make a few bracelets depending on how many times you want it to wrap around the wrist. My sister is conservative so I made hers a single wrap around. I like to make a statement. I want people to see me coming! So mine wraps around three times. It’s always better to cut off more than you need. The beads will take up some width. You also want to be sure that the two ends overlap about two inches when done so that when it’s on the wrist there are no open gaps on the back.

Use the correct tools.

When snipping off stones from an old piece or cutting the memory wire, never use regular jewelry wire cutters. You need something heavier. I bought high level cutting pliers meant for cutting electrical wires. Which are also really handy to have in your household tool box anyway.

To curl the end grab with round nose pliers        

Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers

High Leverage End Cutting Pliers

Use a pair of round nose jewelry pliers to grip one end of the memory wire. Twirl the wire around the pliers to make a small circle. It is hard to do. I struggle with it a lot. But I will also use my flat nose jewelry pliers and work more with the wire to coax it into a nice flat round circle.

Curl memory wire loop on the end leaving extra wire         

When you’re getting to the end try to measure it as best you can before trimming the last end. When you do cut, still leave a couple inches and curl the circle as close to the last bead as possible. It’s okay if there’s some wiggle room. Beads are meant to jiggle on the wrist. When you are satisfied with the circle trim the wire down.

You now have made a beautiful DIY jewelry beaded bracelet that you can be proud to wear or give as a loving gift!

These are the bracelets I made.  Mine is the triple wrapped. Told you! I do everything big!

Beaded Memory Wire DIY Jewelry single wrap bracelet                DIY beaded memory wire bracelet made from a broken necklace.

Need Alternatives to Cable? Feeling Exploited When You See the Bill?

Need Alternatives to Cable? Feeling Exploited When You See the Bill?

Need Alternatives to Cable?

I Felt Exploited When I came home to my Cable Bill!

Six weeks ago I came home from work and opened my cable bill.  Wow! I got such a lump in my stomach. Then I got hopping mad. It had gone up $30. It went from $148 (which I thought was outrageous) to $176. As I often tell you guys, I am a senior citizen living on social security and a part time job. No way I was paying this bill. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t pay this bill even if I wanted to!

Alternatives to Cable Cut the Cable Cord

This email contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you.)

I don’t know why I haven’t tried to do something about this sooner. It just kind of crept up on me. I did write a post about cutting my TV cable in 2014 but I was testing an antenna that didn’t work for me, so I just gave up. My bills had always been about $100 per month for TV and internet up until a few years ago. Then technology started with WiFi internet and high definition TV. The prices crept up with $5 here and $10 there. By 2014 I was paying $117. In 2015 my bill was $127.50. In March of 2016 my bill was $142.82. And that was with a “so called” bundled package.

Then Spectrum bought Time Warner and the proverbial “sh–” hit the fan.

When you see their commercials that say – Welcome to a new day! Wonderful things are coming! – DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. First I had to get a new internet modem because the one I had didn’t work with the new Spectrum. Now I didn’t have to pay for it as it was just an exchange. But they wouldn’t send anyone out to me to install it unless I paid $45. I did go get it from one of their offices but I had to get help on the telephone for an hour to install it. Turns out someone at that office messed up my account order. Then I finally got them to give me a promotional price which never got posted to my bill because another service rep messed that up. Since then I have talked to over a dozen other people that have also cancelled their accounts with Spectrum for the very same experiences.

That’s when I decided I had to take action. I got lots of opinions from friends that had already dropped out of the TV cable community. They were happy with their choice of cable alternatives. It’s a new and different way to watch television but it works. This is the way the younger generations are watching. I truly believe that as their generation grows they won’t even know what cable television was. It’s like they don’t know what a dial up telephone is now!

Here’s what I did.

I did a lot of talking with others about what they installed. Everyone did the streaming with Netflix and Hulu. A lot of people also had Sling TV. All fine with me. But I needed my local news and network stations. Some people said they did without or read their news. I just wasn’t happy with that. Most people installed antennas on their TVs. So I decided to try that once more. Note: I did these things before I actually cancelled my cable service. It’s good to make sure you will be happy with your new alternatives to cable.

Step 1 – the antenna

I went to Best Buy click for antennas (or you could go to any store that sells televisions and accessories) and picked the salesperson’s mind to learn about antennas. I knew from my previous experience that receiving signals from ABC was a problem for my location. So I bought two different antennas to test. They were both Amplified HD Antennas but one had a range of 45 miles and the other had a range of 60 miles and was more expensive at $69.99. I think I really bought that one because I liked the shape. It would fit in more with my living room. They were not hard to install at all. But remember that after you have attached it to the TV you must go into your television settings and re-scan all the channels. Also, you have to test different places where you aim the antennas to get the strongest signals. This took me about a week to find my “sweet spots”.

Alternative to Cable HD TV Antennas

On the whole, I have gotten excellent reception. I won’t say that I never get some buffering but it’s maybe once every couple weeks for a minute or two. I will say that I got a lot more when I had my TV cable cord hooked up! There was so much that I had to call the company several times a year to complain.

Step 2 – streaming

I was excited about streaming. I already had Netflix on my iPad and was excited that I could watch shows on the larger screens of my televisions. One note about streaming – you must have a high definition television. It doesn’t have to be new. One of my televisions is at least 10 years old. You also must have WiFi internet in your house. That’s how the streaming sticks get their signals. This has nothing to do with the antennas that you just installed. In fact, when you want to switch from regular TV to streaming you will have to locate the “source” button on your TV remote and change the source to HDMI or HTML depending on which connection you used on the back of your TV.

Alternatives to Cable are Amazon Fire TV Streaming Sticks

Step 3 – Setting up.

Again, I purchased two different sticks and I got them online at Amazon. One had 75% more processing power and more memory and resolution than the other. This more expensive one I used on my larger TV because it has more functions available. Click here for more information. Also, the price was $89.99 and Amazon offered 5 payments of $18.00 per month. I was all over that! However, the larger one did not have any cords included. I think that would be because you can use an Ethernet cord, which you would already have from the cable service, or you could hook it up with an HDMI cord which I did already have from something else in the house.

The smaller of the two fire sticks I liked very much and installed it on a small TV in my bedroom. I don’t watch very much television in there so it is perfect. It cost $39.99. Click here to find out about that one.

They were not hard to hook up at all. Just follow the directions for plugging the stick on the back of the TV in the appropriate spot. Some prompts will come up for set up. That’s where you will connect your WiFi and enter your WiFi password. You will have a screen come up that looks like a big app store you would see on your cell phone. You can click on apps you’re interested in and download them the same way.

Netflix or Hulu are not necessary but they have a lot of content. I find them easier to find shows to watch. If you would like them, they do cost money. I went online via my laptop and set my accounts up through there. You will have to give them your credit card info and set up a user name and password for each. When you download them on your TV you will sign in with them. Netflix costs $7.99 per month.  Hulu costs $7.99 per month with commercials. You can upgrade to $11.99 for commercial free which I did after a couple weeks. The commercials drove me nuts.

What now?

I am really enjoying my new way to watch television. Do I miss anything about cable? Yes – I miss the CLOCK on the front of the box you had to have!! Funny huh? So I put a clock in my living room. Plus it takes some patience to get the hang of operating the remotes for the streaming sticks. They are small and I need glasses to see them. A small price to pay for the $100 per month I’m saving.

So now when I say “Welcome to a new day! Wonderful things are coming!” It has a completely new and different meaning!!!

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Consider Social Media Tips Free Printables clean up for your accounts.

There are lots of blogs about decluttering your digital life. They all have really good tips. Rework your profile, delete older, out dated photos and posts that don’t apply to you anymore. But I am approaching this from a different point of view. I suggest using my Free Printables to clean up your Social Media accounts.

Do you know exactly how many blogs and Facebook pages you are actually following? Have you signed up for so many that you can’t keep track of them anymore? And are they still clogging up your email account?

Social Media Tips Clean Up Accounts

I can’t even guess how many I have. Yes, it’s easy to just unsubscribe to the emails you don’t want to receive anymore. You just signed up to get the freebies, right? But what if you are still interested in a lot of them. They are still giving you valuable information. However, you just don’t have the time to read it all.

First, the email problem is easy. You probably already know about this but when I have blog emails that I still like, I make a “file folder” for each one so I can go back and read it later. Not saying I always do! But I can! You can make a file (or a label) on your email account. They show up down the left side of the page. You can also access them from your mobile phone. I use Gmail and on the top of the page there is a tab that says “Move”. On the very bottom it will say “create new label”.  So go through and delete the ones you don’t want.

Clean Up The Amount of Blogs You Follow

Next, I have been jotting down the names of the blogs that come through. Crazy enough some of them have passwords to view their sites. I’m finding that I don’t know my password for half of them and it frustrates me. So I created a printable (click here to see) for me to jot down information about these blogs. I keep track of the URL, my username (because I change it a lot), my password (change that too), and also what the main focus of the site is because after awhile I forgot why I even read it. Most of the reasons I am following a blog is so I can learn about Social Media and blogging since I am relatively new. I need all the knowledge I can get.

Social Media Tips Free Printables Clean Up Accounts

Reduce The Number of Facebook Groups and Pages

How about Facebook pages and groups? How many of those are you in? I was trying to find one the other day and when I looked at my complete list I was surprised at how many I’ve joined but never look at anymore. The same strategy goes for Facebook, drop out of the ones that don’t suit you anymore. But I made a list of the ones that I do like and keep the name of the admin (do you know them all?) and if I have the notifications turned on or off. I may like a Facebook page but that doesn’t mean I want to be notified every single time they post something.

Keep Track of  Your Retail and Restaurant Rewards Programs

Now here’s something that is a little different. Do you eat out and have joined some restaurants loyalty programs? Do they accumulate points that you can redeem? How many of you can quickly find their website that gives you your points balance? Not long ago my friend and I joined a program with an upscale restaurant chain that involves three different restaurants. We thought we had enough visits to get a free meal. I could not find the website for the life of me to check! I had to go through my old emails to find something I had received from them. The website URL was nothing like the name of the restaurant. So now I’m tracking my loyalty programs too!


So I suggest that you reevaluate your social media online presence. Use my free printables to go through each category and write on the lists all the sites you have joined.  Ask yourself, do I really need all these accounts? Have my needs changed? Am I still learning from this site? Maybe you’ve advance to a higher learning level or your interests have shifted. Let my social media tips free printables clean up your accounts.

You can (click here) to sign up for them.